Simon Burn Solicitors Shareholder Disputes

Simon Burn Solicitors are focused solely on litigation and dispute resolution. By putting litigation at the centre of our practice we are able to deliver outstanding results to our clients.

We are often retained to act on behalf of companies or shareholders in companies where there is some form of conflict or dispute between the individuals involved. Shareholder disputes raise a multitude of legal and strategic issues often made even more difficult as shareholders are frequently directors and in conflict with co-directors. It is therefore vital to have a legal team behind you that have the depth of experience and understanding to deal with these issues.

At the start of every engagement we take time to listen and fully understand our client's objectives. We can quickly assess even the most complex cases and devise and execute a strategy to fulfil our client's objective. Strategies can range from simple, forceful negotiation to Court proceedings seeking Injunctions and unfair prejudice petitions depending on the dynamics of the dispute and your goals.

As Simon Burn Solicitors only deals in litigation and dispute resolution we have particular experience and are known for our ability to aggressively pursue our client's objectives to a successful outcome especially in the field of shareholder disputes.

Simon Burn Solicitors have solicitors and barristers on hand who are experts in shareholder disputes, have experience in litigation, arbitration and all other forms of dispute resolution.

If you are involved or fear you may become involved in a shareholder dispute call Simon Burn Solicitors today and we would be happy to have a no obligation conversation to see how we can assist you. The sooner we can talk to you the sooner you can start to resolve the situation.

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